The power of passion and perseverance

Success! Do you think it depends solely on talent? On beauty? or Luck? Would you believe that the best predictor of success is neither one of these, but something called "Grit"? Well, this talk will make you think completely differently on how you view your future.

Angela Lee Duckworth explores success and how people that achieve it have one thing in common - Passion and perseverance. This 6 minute Ted talk focuses on the power of committing to your future day in, day out. Approaching life like it's a marathon not a sprint. That failure is not an end in itself, but a chance to start over again with lessons learned.

 Be inspired by this wonderful talk and find out about the "growth mindset", where you realise that the ability to learn is not fixed, but changes with your effort.


Yours in fashion,

Lynn Andres