About us

 In July 2015, a chance meeting between the co-founders at an international social event in Penang, Malaysia, led to a discussion of ideas relating to the desire of creating a clothing line. A label that can both inspire and brighten people’s everyday. With a sales/marketing background and a passion for fashion, the challenge was to find the right fashion item to begin our journey. In the end, our desire to want to add a distinct Penang voice to the growing vibrant hijabi scene, made the decision easy. There was one non negotiable commitment however - "No Rebranding! No Reselling!". All our scarves, or tudungs, will be a product of our own creativity, and convey our sense of stye and fun. And our tagline? "...be different". So after combining our ideas, and then our names,... "by Lynn Andres" was born.  
Since our inception in late 2015 we have been sourcing the best fabrics, and most vibrant, in-trend colours, throughout the globe. You can rest assured that our products are exclusive to Lynn Andres Penang. Designed and manufactured by us and our creative team. Our collections are a great representation of our fresh approach to hijabs, with an emphasis on colour, quality, and fun.
From Penang, we hope you will like them as much as we do.
Yours in fashion,

Lynn Andres