Meet Team Lynn Andres Penang

Meet Lynn

Today we speak to Lynn. The Co-Founder of Lynn Andres Scarf Penang. We find out what inspired her desire to begin Lynn Andres, and what is her hidden talent.



What do you love most about Penang?

It's my hometown! How can I not love it. Lol. Well, the food is great of course. My favourite place to eat is Hameediyah on Campbell street. The best Nasi Kandar in town. I also like the beaches. I remember having picnics with my family at many of Penang's beaches. Many of my best memories are from those times.

Tell us about yourself?

My background is Science Stream with a Bachelor of Biology from UKM. I then worked in Finance & banking before I decided to open my own spa in Shah Alam. I really love anything to do with beauty and wellness. You could say it is my passion.

Did you ever think that you would co-found your own fashion label?

I love colours, I love fashion, and I always found it difficult to find scarves, or tudungs, that suited my taste and were chic and fun to wear. So I think that it was always in the back of my mind while I was busy working on my other ventures. Once I met my current business partner, who had some great ideas on starting a different, fun, fashion label, my mind was made up. This was going to be my next big thing. I couldn't wait for the creative process to begin. I already had some design and colour ideas right from the start.

What aspect of working at Lynn Andres do you enjoy the most?

I like the search for fabrics, the search for colours, deciding on the themes for the new collections. Basically the whole creative process of finalising a great exciting scarf. I also love the immense joy of hearing from our happy customers. The great feedback is what keeps me going. I Love my customers!

What are you passionate about?

Eating!! lol. Just kidding. Well, I'm passionate about business, about dreaming big, and believing in myself. I always think I can do it! I also have passion to help others and instill confidence in them. Especially my fellow women.

What is something that people don't know about you?

I can actually play the drums and I have a B-full licence. Yes, I love Superbikes and used to own a Ducati. I'm a Rock/Rebel girl at heart. Lol.

What's exciting on the horizon for Lynn Andres?

The official launching of our shop on the 20th May is exciting. Even more exciting is the short film we are producing as a promotion for our brand. It's a love story set in Penang and I can't wait to see the final cut. Be on the lookout for it. As always, we aim to be different! It will be so much fun.

Thanks Lynn for your time and dedication to Lynn Andres Penang.